Vexations is the brain/bodychild of Thomas Mabus, a pansexual vampire and multi-instrumentalist who was one of the founders and original residents of fabled Portland, Oregon freak enclave (and current crater) Dekum Manor. Mabus joined Wampire a few years back to teach them how to "swing", but with Vexations he compliments said swing with both juice and waggle, a recipe which some call "sexual and frightening". Though Mabus does most of the instrumental heavy lifting on record, he is often flanked by members of fellow freak-flag fliers/haunted mansion dwellers The Fur Coats, as well as former members of other Portland units like The Gossip and Cat Hoch Band.

Post-disco Bowie is the clear and obvious RIYL here, but Vexations also dips deep into pop's history of fabulous, yayo-caked technicolor splooge, ladling spoonfuls of vintage Todd Rundgren, Sparks, Sylvester, and Zapp & Roger onto dancefloor confections whose sheer lasciviousness make their competition look like the work of crestfallen eunuchs.